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Rain Bird Central Control

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In early January 2021 it was reported that customers of Rain Bird around the world began to encounter ‘Run-Time Error 3024’ on PC based Central Control systems, including Site Control, Stratus, Nimbus & Cirrus software. This error typically causes the software to crash repeatedly; meaning it will stop working entirely.

All software versions 8.1.24 and earlier; this includes sites that are running with older PC’s and software pre 2017 (and there are many of these throughout the UK still running on vintage hardware and early software versions such as V3 = 2004, V5 = 2006, V6 = 2008, V7 = 2009) then you will need to investigate the update options ASAP as you will be unable to use your system otherwise.

Broadly speaking if a package was renewed since circa 2018 (PC & software to V8) and the system has an active GSP (Rain Bird Global Service Plan) then the update will be undertaken remotely and FOC by Rain Bird; this is software version 8.1.36 and should be completed before the start of the irrigation season. 

The most straight forward route for complete resolution is a Rain Bird GSP package that enables the end user to purchase a new PC with new software (including installation & set up) plus the ability to spread this cost over three years. 

The customer can then benefit from the additional security and functionality of a new PC and the V8 software will bring the system right up to date with a host of new features to enhance the operation of the irrigation system, in addition the GSP package includes ongoing support, database back up and the ability for the grounds staff to use smartphones for remote control via Rain Bird MI.

Remember the LWS team are here to help so please do not hesitate to call us on 01722 716 969 or email or to discuss the various options and confirm your Net pricing.