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Rain Bird XF Series Dripline


Rain Bird XF series dripline is setting the standard as the professionals choice for quality, efficiency and speed of installation. Including XFD, XFS sub-surface and XFCV check valve dripline. making it the ideal choice for all domestic and commercial irrigation systems.


Rain Bird 1804RD SAM PRS


Rain Bird 1804RD pop up sprayhead is designed specifically to work with Rain Bird rotary nozzles. With SAM check valve and a 3.1 bar build in PRS mean that the rotary nozzles perform exactly where you want them too.


Rain Bird TM2 Series Controllers


Rain Bird TM2 Series controller are available in 3, 6, 8 or 12 station; they are also compatible with LNK WiFi stick allowing access to the controller via the internet.


Rain Bird IQ Control


Rain Bird IQ is design specifically to work with ESP-LXM and ESP-LXD controllers. Allowing remote access to the irrigation controller from anywhere in the world via PC, tablet or smartphone!


Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module


Rain Bird the LNK WiFi module has finally arrived and this clever little device slots into the back of ESP-ME, TM2 and RZX series controllers and allows remote connection and monitoring of your irrigation system via the free App on your smart phone or tablet.


Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles


Rain Bird now have a complete range of rotary nozzles vs. leading competitor brands. Available in an adjustable 45°-270° and 360° with different radii of 4.6m, 5.5m and 7.3m, but now also available in a left, right and side strip versions throwing 1.5m x 4.6m from the nozzle !


Latest News Summaries

14 December 2020

Price Updates 2021

With Christmas approaching at alarming speed we are endeavouring to pull together new pricing for the 2021 season. As you can imagine this is more of a challenge than normal with the knock on effects of Covid 19 and Brexit making it a slow and uncertain process!

Once we have pulled this information together our intention is to put these increases in place from 1st February 2021.

02 September 2020

Rain Bird R-VAN Rotary Nozzle Promotion

With the Rain Bird R-VAN rotary nozzles you have the next generation in rotary nozzle design. The Rain Bird R-VAN series have been engineered to deliver the most efficient water coverage while making the installation and maintenance faster and easier than ever before. With a full range of full and part circle nozzles at 3 different radii and left, right and centre strip nozzles. The Rain bird rotary nozzle cover a multitude of irrigation applications.

07 August 2020

Rain Bird ESP-LX IVM & IVM Pro Irrigation Controller

The NEW Rain Bird ESP-LXIVM and ESP-LXIVM Pro controllers build upon the huge success of the Rain Bird ESP-LXD 2-wire decoder system which has been a contractor favourite for many years across the landscape, turf and golf markets. Available in two options, the IVM has a capacity of up to 60 stations and the IVM Pro up to 240 stations and both controllers bring in many powerful and flexible features to your irrigation system. This system still works on a two-wire path basis but utilises an integrated valve module that combines the decoder and coil to a single unit.

12 April 2020

Rain Bird’s Spring Sprinkler Promotion!

With the winter months behind us and spring fully underway, irrigation systems all across the country are getting fired up and tested in preparation for the 2020 season. Get a minimum of 50% off of our Rain Bird list prices.

Rain Bird Gear-Driven Rotors are engineered to efficiently manage water. Trusted by turf professionals everywhere, they have minimal maintenance requirements, worry-free performance and maximum water distribution uniformity. As a result, they help your course, pitch or court achieve maximum playability and profitability.