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Garden Irrigation

In general the irrigation of a garden or landscape is achieved by the use of two main product groups: Pop up sprinklers for lawns and Low volume (including drip) products for planted areas such as borders, flower beds, pots and baskets.
To cater for every size of project there is a comprehensive range of choices in each product group, all providing accurate, efficient performance.

Automatic Control

Regardless of the size of your irrigation system, automated control will ensure that you are able to apply the optimum amount of water to a specific area, at a specific time. This will ensure that your system is water efficient and gives excellent results.

The controllers used to automate your irrigation system can vary from a basic tap-mounted battery powered unit for small low volume systems, to mains powered multi-zone controllers in conjunction with underground solenoid valves for medium to large systems.

Low Volume & Drip Irrigation

With a correctly designed system, low volume and drip irrigation products deliver the right amount of water direct to the root zone of plants which eliminates run off, over watering and evaporation, thereby offering the most effective and economical use of water.  Water applied in this way also inhibits plant disease and weed growth as surplus water is kept to an absolute minimum.


This 16mm tubing is laid on the surface of planted areas (approximately 30cm - 50cm apart depending on soil type).  The tubing has emitters factory fitted on the inside of the pipe, these emitters are pressure compensating and self flushing.  These features result in the dripline being able to maintain a constant flow rate from each dripper over its entire length and it has a long service life.  When installed the dripline is very discreet, although many customers cover it with mulch, which makes it virtually invisible.  Dripline is ideally suited for low maintenance gardens.

Emitters & Drippers

For pots and baskets pressure compensating drippers are used.  These are positioned at the base of the planting and ensure that water is applied evenly.  They are available in differing flow rates so that they can be selected according to requirements.  They are generally attached to a hidden main supply line by a length of 6mm tubing to ensure that there is little or no visual impact.

Low Volume Sprays

There is a wide selection of different mini sprays and they all have a low flow rate.  They have a very fine spray and are positioned on 6" or 12" risers.  The minisprays are positioned within a planted area and are capable of applying water either over or under the planting canopy.  The number required in a particular area will depend on the density of the planting.  Each minispray is connected to a supply line positioned at the back of the border by a length of 6mm tubing.  This enables the sprays to be moved for better coverage or for border maintenance. The capillary action of the soil allows water to spread horizontally beneath the surface helping to maintain the optimum balance of water and air.  This gives stunning results in the take up, appearance and general health of planted areas, pots and baskets.

Pop Up Systems

Pop up sprinklers are the only professional and effective way of watering grass areas.  The sprinklers are installed below ground and pop up out of the ground when the water supply is switched on.  When the cycle is complete they return to ground level out of sight and harm's way.

Pop up sprinklers generally require a greater flow and pressure of water and it is necessary to install a storage tank and booster pump.  This not only ensures the effective operation on medium to large systems but also that your system conforms to water regulations.  Please note that it is not permissible to run pop up sprinklers direct from a mains water supply.

A professionally designed system with a booster pump offers many added benefits as you are not restricted by the varying pressure and low flow of the domestic supply.

Pop up sprinklers can also be used for border and planted areas if required.

These systems should be drained down in the autumn.  It is advisable for clients to take out a service contract on systems where a pump assembly is installed, LWS are able to recommend installation and maintenance contractors.