Landscape Watering Systems

Rain Bird RZX Wi-Fi Compatible 6 Station Outdoor Controller

stock code: RBRZXWO06

The all new Rain Bird RZXe Series controllers retain all the features from the RZX Series; but with the added bonus of being able to connect with the Rain Bird LNK module. The new LNK WiFi compatible version allows for access to this controller via the internet using a Smartphone and the LNK WiFi module (sold separately). The Rain Bird RZXe series controller is an ideal solution for residential landscapes, with it's ease of use it has been designed with the homeowner in mind.

With very flexible programming where you can program up to 6 start times a day per valve. Giving you very easy programming with all the flexibility of the Rain Bird ESP-ME series controllers.

With a large LCD display and simple user interface showing everything you need to know on a single screen. Equipped with sensor terminals and a software override, master valve/pump start terminals. In addition to the 100 year non-volatile program memory which maintains the program during a power outage.    

Zone based scheduling enables different schedules to be assigned to each zone. The controller also has contractor rapid programming which automatically copies the start times and watering days from zone 1 to all remaining zones on initial set-up. It is equipped with an electronic diagnostic circuit breaker, a contractor default save and restore and a weather sensor bypass by program or zone. 

Battery back up requires 2 x AAA batteries.