Landscape Watering Systems

Rain Bird ESP-ME Wi-Fi Compatible 4 station Modular Controller upto 22 Stations

stock code: RBESP-MEW04


The Rain Bird ESP-ME series controller has been designed for high end residential and small commercial irrigation systems. The new LNK WiFi compatible version allows for access to this controller via the internet, using your smartphone and the LNK Wi-Fi module (sold seperately). With its large LCD display and modular design it is expandable from 4 to 22 stations using the 3 or 6 station modules allowing it to cover almost all requirements.

With 4 programs (A, B, C and D) each with 6 start times allowing for up to 24 starts per day; each program can also be set up on an individual basis to water as required when you want to. With the non-volatile memory and contractor default programming you can easily restore your program after a power outage. This controller can be programmed by removing the screen door and installing a 9v battery, so it can be preprogrammed before getting to site.

The Rain Bird ESP-ME controller is compatible with all the Rain Bird sensors; including the RSD-BEX and wireless wind and freeze sensors.

This controller can easily be advanced to run an individual station or a complete program. Each station can be easily programmed individually allow upmost flexibility when creating your program i.e. you can easily set up a program for lawns and borders keeping them seperate. With a programmable rain sensor bypass per station you can easily use this controller to cover all you irrigation controller requirements.

Multi-valve station capacity, up to two 24v AC, 7 amp solenoid valves per station plus a master valve. This controller also includes a permanent 24v live for running a wireless rain sensor or valve testing.

Using the 3 station expansion module you quickly and easily expand the controller to reach 7, 13, or 19 stations. Please note that the use of a 6 station expansion module is required to reach 13 or 19 stations. It is recommended that if expanding by more than 3 stations to use the 6 station expansion module to have the stations running in incremental numbering to avoid confusion when programming.



Stock Code
Rain Bird
Transformer Input
230VAC, 50Hz
Transformer Output
25.5VAC, 1 A
Station Output
25.5VAC, 1 A
Pump / Master Valve Output
25.5VAC, 1 A
Operating Temperature
Up to 65°C
Wi-Fi Compatible

Maximum Zones
22 stations
Number of Programs
4 (A, B, C, and D)
Number of Start Times
6 (per program)
Station Run Times
0 - 360 minutes for all stations
Seasonal Adjustment
5 to 200% (in 1% increments)
Rain Delay
Up to 14 days
Station Delay
1 second to 9 hours (programmable by station)
Sensor Options
2 sensors (plastic cabinet) or 3 sensors (metal cabinet)
Test Program / Manual Operation
One touch manual start and program advance, Cycle and Soak
Fault Finding / System Diagnostics
Advanced system diagnostics and short circuit detection with LED alert