Landscape Watering Systems

Rain Bird ESP LXM 12 station Modular Controller (upgradeable to 48 stations)

stock code: RBESPLX-M12

This is an extremely user friendly controller with large digital display and intuitive programming. It is an 12 station base model with the capacity to expand to up to 48 stations, in increments of 4, 8 or 12.

Hot-swappable modules can be installed in any position while the controller is in operation and a spacious heavy-duty key- locking cabinet with an internal junction box provides space for clean and professional installation. Furthermore, a removable, battery programmable panel makes proggraming instructions and programming prior to installation more convenient. It has user selectable languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portugese. 

There are 4 i
ndependent programs (A, B, C and D) and there are up to 8 automatic starts per day per program. The four programs can overlap and the D program can be run simultaneously with program A, B or C to maximise hydraulic capacity and minimise watering times. Station timings can range from 0 to 12 hours for all stations and stations can operate at the same time. There is a calendar day off option which means any day of the month can be set as a non-watering day for all programs. Seasonal adjustments are also available by program and by month up to 300%. A programmable rain delay can also enable the system to stay off for a specified period of time, with an auto restart, and a programable valve delay can allow water storage recovery. There is also the option of Cycle + Soak by station which allows total irrigation time to be split into usable cycles, minimizing run-off. A programmable master valve/pump start circuit means that there is optimal irrigation control and a sensor bypass switch allows the user to override active sensor by station. 

A non-volatile memory ensures that program information is saved in the event of a power outage. Furthermore, built-in diagnostic functions let you confirm program information, calculate total program and valve run times, whilst a built-in test program operates all system valves in sequence. The controller also has a self setting circuit breaker which identifies a valve or wiring fault and continues with operable stations.