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Buy 4 Eagle Rotors and get one extra FREE !

Buy 4 Rain Bird EAGLE Rotors and get one extra FREE!!
As irrigation systems across the country get fired up and tested in preparation for the 2017 season this special Rain Bird Spring offer is perfectly timed.
Rain Bird Gear-Driven Rotors are engineered to efficiently manage water. With minimal maintenance requirements, worry-free performance and maximum water distribution uniformity, they help your course, pitch or court  achieve maximum playability and profitability.
All Rain Bird electric golf rotors feature a new GBS25 solenoid with unmatched 25kV surge protection and built-in filtration for a second level of protection from debris. This solenoid eliminates the most common maintenance tasks that plague competing rotors. EAGLE rotors are easily serviced from the top and the simple removal of the snap rings provides quick access to the internal assembly and valve - with no digging. Pressure regulation and arc adjustment can be made from the top using only a screwdriver.
Often your watering needs seem to change by the day and now your watering arc can change with them. Unlike competitive products, Rain Bird® 751 Golf Rotors offer easy, top-adjustable rotation settings that retain the memory of their part-circle arc setting when shifting between full- and part-circle operation. This unique feature is designed to offer quick, dry arc adjustments not just during grow-in, but for the life of the rotor. So whether you need to ramp up watering during fertigation or conserve water, you can do it all with just a simple twist of your wrist.
Trusted by turf professionals everywhere these innovative rotors deliver optimal playing surfaces, high durability and reduced water costs.
Whether for the replacement of damaged units or upgrade of old, inefficient and under performing heads this is the ideal opportunity to purchase units at very attractive prices.
The offer is valid throughout April and May and includes the Eagle range of rotors including 351B, 700B, 700E, 751B, 751E, 900E & 950E. It is based on the purchase of Rain Bird rotors within the same family, for example if you buy four 751E rotors you will actually receive five 751E rotors !
For further details, conditions and how to claim this deal contact the LWS team on 0345 230 9697 or email